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Everyone stared at me. by Arowyn Everyone stared at me. :iconarowyn:Arowyn 3 34
Go on ask yourself.
you hear the bird chirp
the machinery drowns it out
a blade in the shape of an octothorpe
it dies beyond any doubt
theres nothing left
the leveheaded man is indifferent to its death
and theres nothing worse
but you better catch your breath
theres harder things
much colder things
so go ask yourself
who are the metropolis' kings?
dont deny yourself
you killed them all
one by one
while millions watched baseball
the end as begun
one by one
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 1 3
Pure. by Arowyn Pure. :iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 3 I've fallen in love. by Arowyn I've fallen in love. :iconarowyn:Arowyn 2 3
im not a nazi
im not a hater
im not like you
im not a traitor
im not a queen
im not polite
not in-between
not black or white
im not inclined
to love at all
call me blind
call me small
call me a fool
call me dumb
now look how cruel
youve become
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 7
God, Are You Really There?
God, are you really there?
I feel you
I hear you

But, do you hear me?
God, are you really there?
Last night, through my tears,
I asked for a glimpse of the truth.
Last night, I faced my fears.
I would ruin my youth.
For you, But,
God, are you really there?
Did you listen to my prayer?
Don't hold it in any longer.
The truth will only make me stronger.
Tell me now, and I will know.
God, are you really there?
Silence . . . No?
I hear a low voice.
Then, Light fills room.
"That is your choice."
What do I assume?
It's too bright to think.
I am no longer aware.
I see the light blink.
God, are you really there?
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 1 6
Do not watch this, foo by Arowyn Do not watch this, foo :iconarowyn:Arowyn 1 13 Meet Captain BlueCoat by Arowyn Meet Captain BlueCoat :iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 16 +  B a b y   D a n n y  + by Arowyn + B a b y D a n n y + :iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 11
The Truth, Retold.
Withered away
By the air
By the water
From myself
To despair
To be slaughtered
One more breath
Of life
I desire
But it is silent
It is cold
There's no one here
But you,
The violent
The old.
I need one more breath
And then
No kindness.
No love.
Everything that I was
I just saw in you,
My blindness
Of things undreamed of.
The past
Is killing me
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 2 11
everything is back and white. by Arowyn everything is back and white. :iconarowyn:Arowyn 1 1
-Hold on to hope-
I looked in the eyes
Of a little orphaned child
And he looked back at me
And he truly, truly smiled
I looked in his eyes
Where I saw a fire burning
This child knew no fears
But love he was yearning
I looked in his eyes
And he looked in mine
I asked, "What do you see?"
"I see something Divine."
"And what is that?" I said
"I see myself as a small boy."
"You see a child?" I asked.
"No, I see joy."
I asked him his name
He said, "My name is Bemused."
Puzzled, I asked him why.
He assured, "You shan't be confused"
"I was once innocent,
I was once pure
Until I saw the world
And realized there was no cure."
"There is a cure", I said
But he already knew
"The cure is hope --
The only thing we can still hold on to."
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 4 15
.-'-. Ashley's Art Trade .-'-. by Arowyn .-'-. Ashley's Art Trade .-'-. :iconarowyn:Arowyn 2 7
My Other Love
Just when I saw her
I was plotting her demise
Just when I saw her
I felt hate increase
As everyday passed
My heart hardened with disgust
As everyday passed
There was no one I could trust
She really hated me
I really hated her
She really hated me
This is how our feelings were
Then came the day
I didn't know what happened
The day came fast
She became my friend
She really loved me
I really loved her
She really loved me
This is how our feelings were
Now I sit here and write
About the best girl on earth
I sit here and write
About how much she's worth
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 7
Thank You
Everything was empty
Everything was bare
Nothing left to live for
Except when you were there
I look at my past
I'm all alone
Then I look ahead
Into the unknown
I wish you would've been with me
When I was down in hell
I wish you could've held me
Right before I fell
Now it's done and over with
And now I am with you
And I really, really wish
That I knew what to do.
There is one other wish I have
Please let this one come true
I wish with all my heart..
You accept this Thank You.
:iconarowyn:Arowyn 2 12
LOTR Contest Entry by Arowyn LOTR Contest Entry :iconarowyn:Arowyn 0 5


Eye Saw by Lektronk Eye Saw :iconlektronk:Lektronk 161 120 TallyHawk Beta 2 by chaninja TallyHawk Beta 2 :iconchaninja:chaninja 94 90 Wake Not the Sleeping Chibis by AkanbeSailor-chan Wake Not the Sleeping Chibis :iconakanbesailor-chan:AkanbeSailor-chan 2 13 MS STREET PUNK by s3tpunk MS STREET PUNK :icons3tpunk:s3tpunk 9 4
I Didn't Really Want To
I didn't really want to do it
But I did it anyway
I really never thought of trying it
But when offered it lit a match inside
So I did it
I liked it
So I did it again and again and again
I didn't mean for it to get out of control
So I tried to stop
But it's Impossible
I don't know why I tried it
But now I can't live without it
:iconbroken-bottle:broken-bottle 1 2
Krissy 6 by selker Krissy 6 :iconselker:selker 3 7 West Coast Dreams by naniwai West Coast Dreams :iconnaniwai:naniwai 1 3 NDB by ADakin NDB :iconadakin:ADakin 3 7 In Your Own Little World - II by ST8 In Your Own Little World - II :iconst8:ST8 6 15
Good old days
I look up at the starry sky,
Thinking of days gone by.
Depressing emotions flood my mind,
As I think upon those awful times.
People say, "Look upon the good old days,"
But all I see makes me cry.
I remember the office,
So cold and bright.
I remember the words that were said,
And that my life turned to crap.
"Your mom's in the hospital,"
But the worst was yet to come.
I remember walking,
Rooms going by, people talking,
And not caring what happened around.
I remember stopping,
The pain rushing through my body,
And the laughing as I nearly fell.
Most of all, I remember three days punishment,
For getting hit in the stomach.
I remember being told,
How useless I was,
How I could only fail.
I remember the words,
Spoken so often.
And from those...
I remember the loneliness.
The lack of existence,
From being ignored.
I remember the faces of all ages,
Looking right past unless I was hurt.
And then,
All I remember from all around,
Laughter and scorn in every sound.
I remember the words.
And the a
:icondrys:Drys 1 5
Equal Opposites by ktchicke Equal Opposites :iconktchicke:ktchicke 1 19
Just thinking
I've been wondering
what the world is coming to.
Everyone killing, dying,
It all comes down on you.
Like rain on a sunny day,
you want it to go away
but it doesn't,
just keeps buliding up outside and in,
and stays,
there in your heart
and in your soul.
Why can't we get over any of it?
That is still
to be answered...
bit by bit.
I'm just a child,
emotions running wild,
and everyone I've depended on is leaving,
its hard to keep breathing.
With all this stress,
my life is turning into a mess.
Like it was a few weeks ago.
and its so hard to let go,
of the monsters of the past,
and at the same time, go fast,
enough for them not to catch up.
I'm starting to drown
and no one is around
to help and to pull,
me out of this dream,
so I don't have to scream.
Nothing was like before,
when I didn't have to worry.
But all this fear
is starting to tear
me apart.
Becasue I can't
and its hard see,
what's happening
to me.
So I thank the ones,
who helped me before,
and I drift softly,
:iconzeeblooone:ZeeBlooOne 2 2
huecarddeck desert Jack by jonesray huecarddeck desert Jack :iconjonesray:jonesray 12 8 huecarddeck desert King by jonesray huecarddeck desert King :iconjonesray:jonesray 6 6 blue-elem3nt id 02 by blue-elem3nt blue-elem3nt id 02 :iconblue-elem3nt:blue-elem3nt 2 13



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